The village

Timidarte is an oasis village of Draa, 280 km south of Marrakech, it is located halfway between Zagora and Ouarzazate. The village is accessible by the N9 national road.

The association

The Taskala Association for Development and Democracy is an NGO founded on 28 January 1998, registered under the reference 29834. It contributes to the development of the village of Timiderte by reflecting together to find satisfactory solutions for all the economic and socio-cultural problems for the well being of the local population. The whole population is adherent.


• Taskala Association: helps to provide local, computers and office equipment.

• Kasbah timidarte: helps put the kasbah at your disposal for meetings, meetings and workshops (Theater …)

• Riad Michel: creation and follow-up support

• The Timiderte Primary School: extension of the projects to obtain the label of the ecological schools of the Mohammed VI foundation for the protection of the environment.

• TimArt Association: contributes to the organization of activities.


• Job creation for young people and women

• Contribute to preserving the natural and cultural environment

• Reduce immigration to cities

• Awareness and education of children in the daycare and school timidarte to the protection of the environment


• Theater training

• Tree planting

• Photography

• Kitchen.

• Tales told by Timidarte’s storytellers.

• Outings with daycare children, youth and visitors.

• Accompany the school of Timidarte to obtain the environmental label of the Mohamed VI foundation for the protection of the environment.

Animation and progress of the project

Ismail is a young graduate and actor, he studied English and animation, he is a founding member of a youth association in Timiderte. He is responsible for organizing English language teaching and history courses and prepares various out-of-class learning activities; workshops, outings .. etc

Expected results

• The school of timidarte becomes labeled

• The young people of timidarte found a job.

• The inhabitants are actors to preserve their environment.

• Young people play an important role in the culture of participatory democracy.

Financial needs of the project:

The association Tiskala employs Ismail in a first time (planned 2 years) full-time with a salary of 5000 € per year (CNSS included).