Atlas-Trekking for Insiders

In our modern age, where many alpinists are more interested in trekking than in enjoying the landscape, the 4200 m high Toubkal, the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, is in full swing.

In the mountain villages around Lodges mass tourism conquers the mountain. The trekking that is offered in Marrakech usually leads to the Toubkal.

Thankfully one can only say, because that leaves probably the most beautiful and interesting hiking area, the Yagour plateau with its sacred mountain Melzin (3600m) completely untouched from tourism .

Here you can walk for days on 2000m – 2700m without meeting a single tourist. The beauty of the expansive terrain with its flowery meadows, lakes and waterfalls is overwhelming. The Melzin is also a much more interesting mountain than the Toubkal. In addition, the Yagour Trek offers a variety of highly interesting prehistoric rock engravings, the most interesting in Morocco. Our friend Rachid from Tizinouchek, a high-altitude eco-mountain village, organizes two to six days treks with mule tents and English-speaking guides, starting from his excellently equipped guest house. A very special tip from which one learns only by word of mouth propaganda. Morocco Hautnah cooperates with Rachid and organizes trekkings.